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Vine Pro Imports has one simple yet powerful philosophy.
We Build Better Brands. One Case at a Time.
Since its inception in 2009, Vine Pro Imports’ commitment to service, quality and entertaining has inspired a unique and alluring wine portfolio that tells a timeless story of enduring value and rich family tradition.

who we are


At Vine Pro Imports, our vision is to serve as the unquestioned distributor of choice to both our suppliers and customers, while also educating and broadening consumers’ knowledge and appreciation of wine. 

  • Passion

    Here at Vine Pro Imports, we want to develop the love and amazement for wine by hosting multiple events.

  • Education

    To teach is to love, and that is what we believe in to provide the best experience for the community and our clients to understand our products.

  • Committment

    We aim to develop strong personal relationships professionally.

our service

The Team


Vine Pro Imports’ sales team is deeply educated and prepared to not only service our customers, but to also assist them in fulfilling their business’ potential by maximizing our wineries’ strengths. Our driven sales force works hand-in-hand with our skilled marketing team to create partner programs that can provide enduring benefits to our customers and, in return, educate the end consumer on our many brands.

Friendly customer care also begins with our dedicated sales team. Vine Pro Imports’ sales team provides consultative support and recommendations. This ensures that our customers’ inquiries are successfully answered, and their needs properly and fully met. At Vine Pro Imports, we always process incoming orders and handle customer requests in a courteous, professional and highly efficient manner.

our goal

wine education. our social promise


Vine Pro Imports provides up-to-date product knowledge and marketing tools to help our customers increase the brands’ potential and performance in their markets. Our dedicated wine educators also host trainings, seminars and tastings on Vine Pro Imports’ complete and comprehensive wine portfolio. Vine Pro Imports also assists our partner wineries in the development of innovative opportunities both via social media and mainstream media.

Vine Pro Imports strives to assist and support local, regional and global communities and charities. Over the past 10 years, Vine Pro Imports has joined forces with other reputable Florida companies and organizations to donate hundreds of thousands of dollars in charitable gifts – all to organizations and entities outside of our industry. Recipients of our contributions range from orphanages in impoverished countries to medical research and care groups to emergency relief organizations throughout the world.

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