Alma Rosa Winery

Alma Rosa Estate

Alma Rosa Winery is dedicated to making Pinot Noir and Chardonnay wines that express the unique terroir of their appellation, the Sta. Rita Hills. Their wines are layered, vibrant, and balanced, reflecting the cool climate impact of the Pacific Ocean breezes that funnel through the region’s unique East-West transverse mountain range.

Situated on the north-facing slopes of the Santa Rosa Hills in Santa Barbara County, the Alma Rosa estate vineyard, El Jabali, was planted in 1983 and became the first certified organic vineyard in Santa Barbara County.

Alma Rosa's Mission

The mission at Alma Rosa is to grow world-class grapes and to continue their legacy of being the best possible stewards of the land. They believe there is no single farming philosophy that works best for every vineyard, and in turn, they borrow from a range of today’s most cutting-edge sustainable practices for their own estate vineyards.

Today, the Alma Rosa estate vineyards are 5 non-contiguous plantings of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay — along with small amounts of cool climate Syrah and Grenache — that are farmed using sustainable practices. Vines total 38 acres across their 628-acre estate that stretches from the valley floor to the top of the range.