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Matarromera Esencia


  1. Matarromera Esencia is the integration and synthesis of the best vintages, the soul of Matarromera, and the reference of our winemaking, which reflects the essence of the land, of its vineyards, as well as the great personality of Valbuena de Duero. Matarromera Esencia is a unique red wine that embodies the complete history of Bodega Matarromera in an excellent synthesis of its finest Matarromera wines of all time. In this wine, excellent Matarromera vintages come together to express the genius, longevity, and wisdom of its vineyards. Let’s learn more about this new wine concept:
  2. What makes this type of red wine so incredible? The aromas that conform it which came from the soil, vineyard, grape, and barrel have evolved, while its fruity notes and idiosyncrasies have been kept intact over time, but with an absolutely unparalleled enhancement of aromas and flavors.
    How is this type of wine produced? Logically, it takes time, a lot of time. It requires selecting from a wide range of wines and choosing each bottle. It is a wine that boasts a long trajectory. In addition, it is necessary to have kept a sufficient number of bottles of each vintage for laying down and to have assessed its behavior, that is, the proper evolution of great wines over time.
  3. Its complexity, aromatic range, oenological expertise, and deep knowledge of the organoleptic world, make it special, unique, and with an unrivaled essence.


Appellation D.O. Ribera Del Duero
Variety 100% Tempranillo
Average age of vines 30+
Farming Traditional
Soil Loamy Limestone
Fermentation 10-14 days in stainless steel tanks (28ÂșC)
Aging Vintage 94'95'96'


Castilla Y Leon, Spain


D.O. Ribera Del Duero


Carlos Moro


Felix Gonzalez


6.10 hectares/ 780 meters