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Matarromera Pago de las Solanas


This unique wine proudly bears the name of its vineyard located in Olivares de Duero, at the heart of Ribera del Duero’s Golden Mile. Las Solanas hamlet is, above all, a spectacle to behold with its idyllic landscape. Located between 740 and 820 meters above sea level, it sits on a steeply sloping plot of land sheltered by a hillside, crowned by a pine forest where partridges, hares, wild boars, roe deer, and foxes live together happily. Its south-facing orientation ensures excellent sun exposure, and its location protects the vineyards from the prevailing westerly winds. In three words: It has everything. Soil, nice weather, and vineyards. And of course, the wine:

  • Its persistence is noteworthy, thanks to its peculiar acid black fruit notes, such as ripe blackberries.
  • It is a wine with high mineral content, provided by its calcareous soil.
  • Subtle nuances of spices and cocoa.
  • Fantastic balance, typical of wine with soul, but with great body.
  • Magic, is typical of a signature wine.
  • This is a perfect wine for drinking on its own. Yet it can also be served with roast meat, game, Iberian ham, foie, and cheese. A suggestion: Be bold and pair it up with chocolate.


Appellation D.O. Ribera Del Duero
Variety 100% Tempranillo
Average age of vines 30+
Farming Traditional
Soil Loamy Limestone
Fermentation 10-14 days in stainless steel tanks (28ÂșC)
Aging Measured aging in French oak barrels. Subsequently perfected in bottle.


Castilla Y Leon, Spain


D.O. Ribera Del Duero


Carlos Moro


Felix Gonzalez


6.10 hectares/ 780 meters