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Matarromera Prestigio


Matarromera Prestigio was conceived with three objectives: To create a unique, special, and different wine, a reflection of its excellent vineyards in Valbuena de Duero; to break with the rules of wine aging (Crianza, Reserva, Gran Reserva, etc.); and to satisfy the creative yearning of its winemaker. In this regard, it is only made in vintages considered excellent. Although it is a wine that follows its own rules, its philosophy is grounded in nine-month aging in French oak barrels, and another nine-month aging in American oak barrels. It then stands for two years in the bottle. The enormous quality and unique nature of its grapes and the care that goes into harvesting them are, nowadays, simply taken for granted. What can the maker of this unique red wine from Ribera del Duero surprise us with?

Its bouquet offers clear notes of Chinese ink and imposing freshness.
Its extraordinary persistent flavor on the palate is to be underlined. To finish with, its spicy notes, such as clove and thyme from the French oak, come to the fore.
Intense, again thanks to the calcareous terroir, with clear Mediterranean influences in its maturity and elegant concentration that awakens the senses.
Peculiar and special, just like any work of art. Comprehensive experience.
One word: Exclusivity.
It is the perfect wine to surprise and amaze you, and to accompany a good Castilian roast lamb or some fine cured cheese.


Appellation D.O. Ribera Del Duero
Variety 100% Tempranillo
Average age of vines 30
Farming Traditional
Soil Loamy Limestone
Fermentation 10-14 days in stainless steel tanks (28ÂșC)
Aging 18 months in barrel and 24 months in bottle


Castilla Y Leon, Spain


D.O. Ribera Del Duero


Carlos Moro


Felix Gonzalez


19.78 hectares/ 730 meters