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Matarromera Reserva


If there is one thing that characterizes Bodega Matarromera, it is its ability to produce wines for laying down in Ribera del Duero. There are many reasons for this, but the key lies in the raw material, in other words, in the vineyard or grapevine. Let’s analyze this subject in order to understand why it is one of the finest Reserva red wines in Ribera del Duero.

What does Bodega Matarromera do? It analyses, classifies, and pampers each and every one of its plots depending on their agro-climatic characteristics through the implementation of the project called ‘San Bernardo’.

The winery chose this name in honor of the monks of the Monastery of San Bernardo, as it was they who brought the method for classifying vineyards in from Burgundy in the 11th century so as to fully understand each plot’s properties. Valle del Duero is an area of enormous natural and patrimonial wealth located in a privileged enclave of Ribera del Duero. It is the location for the Monastery of Santa María de Valbuena, the origin of viticulture in this Designation of Origin.

For its Reserva wines, Bodega Matarromera chooses grapevines with the following properties:

  • Strains that are over 25 years old and with moderate vegetation produce smaller clusters and grapes. Why is that? The concentration of color, polyphenols and other properties of the grape is higher. In short: less quantity, but higher quality. Less is more! This type of strain is mainly found at higher altitudes.
  • Calcareous soils are located at an altitude of over 750 meters. As previously mentioned, one of the biggest factors to influence wine is the soil in which the vineyard is planted. Limestone is a type of calcareous rock that provides good water drainage and makes for full-bodied wines, suitable for aging.


Appellation D.O. Ribera Del Duero
Variety 100% Tempranillo
Average age of vines 30
Farming Traditional
Soil Loamy Limestone
Fermentation 10-14 days in stainless steel tanks (28ºC)
Aging 14 months in barrel and 22 months in bottle


Castilla Y Leon, Spain


D.O. Ribera Del Duero


Carlos Moro


Felix Gonzalez


22.78 hectares/ 810 meters