The Cellar

Of all the creatures of Bodegas Familiares Matarromera, Renacimiento is undoubtedly the most personal winery. And the most familiar, since it is the origin of a part of the Carlos Moro family for more than two hundred years, when it was acquired from the Jesuits along with several of the best vineyards in the area.

The wine is called Rento, an acronym for Renaissance, and an old Castilian word that was applied to the rents paid by the vineyards to the Lord of Olivares or to the Jesuits.


Rento has two unique vineyard plots; Short Milestone and Picón de Zurita. The latter forms part of an elevated meander of the
Duero river at an altitude of 725 metres, where the frank texture of the tertiary bottom gives significant depth to its Tempranillo vines, providing its wines with incomparable complexity, by vegetating in successive sedimentary layers, without eroding. The terroir is completed by the narrowing that the slopes of the Duero river valley present in this area, a narrowing that influences the microclimate. 

The Wine

Rento is made in a very traditional and careful way from the queen variety of Ribera del Duero, Tempranillo, which is selected only from Pagos de Zurita, in Olivares de Duero. Of all the group’s wines, Rento has been Carlos Moro’s most personal since 2000, because in addition to bearing his signature, he makes it in an artisanal way and very much to his liking. It is harvested by hand, choosing onlv the best clusters, and from these, the best grapes, and they are immediately transported to the winery. Barely 15,000 bottles are made, depending on each vintage, of which half are sold first-hand in barrels.